The Birds of Shetland

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Shetland is the most northerly island group in Britain, lying 130 miles north of the Scottish mainland. There are around 100 islands in the archipelago, of which just 15 are inhabited. They are spectacularly beautiful, and hold a variety of interesting habitats. The archipelago is famous among birders for its globally significant populations of breeding seabirds and its remarkable list of rare visitors. This book presents a comprehensive overview of the status of every species recorded in Shetland. The accounts cover distribution and population trends, patterns in habitat use, and conservation. For rarities, a thorough breakdown of the records is presented and any trends or patterns discussed. The book includes introductory chapters on the islands’ climate, vegetation, general ecology and history of land use, and their history of birding and conservation. It is illustrated with attractive line drawings, plus 40 pages of colour photographs. This is the definitive avifauna for Shetland, and will be invaluable to all birders and ornithologists with an interest in these wonderful islands.