The Edge of the Plain

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In this book James Crawford argues that our enduring obsession with borders has brought us to a crisis point: that we are entering the end game of a process that began thousands of years ago, when we first started dividing up the earth.

Beginning with the earliest known marker which denoted the end of one land and the beginning of the next, Crawford follows the story of borders into our fragile and uncertain future - towards the virtual frontiers of the internet, and the shifting geography of a world beset by climate change.

Combining history, travel and reportage, The Edge of the Plain explores how borders have grown and evolved to take control of our landscapes, our memories, our identities and our destinies. As nationalism, climate change, globalisation, technology and mass migration all collide with ever-hardening borders. something has to give. And Crawford asks, is it time to let go of the lines that divide us?

James Crawford


422 pages