The Further North You Go

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You’re a drink sodden, coke-fuelled PR executive for whom things go suddenly, spectacularly and bizarrely wrong. Leave London, abandon your family, job and head upwards: north. How far north can you go? Eventually you run out of road, and Britain, when you reach the second island group up from Scotland. What then? And is there any way back? The Further North You Go is the story of one man’s tragi-comic journey into the heart of a remote island community. It is about the nature of home, what happens when you abandon it, and the possibility of finding a new one. It is the story of a fractured family, large motorcycles, self-immolating, oddly short vikings, wellington boot collectors and ghostly gas men. Religious fish, suicidal sheep and large rusty oil tankers, along with the real Santa Claus and some very strange caravan site operators.