The Grumpy Old Sailor

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'The Grumpy Old Sailor' is internationally renowned illustrator, Meilo So and writer, Janice Armstrong's first book together. 'The Grumpy Old Sailor' tells the story of a crusty old salt who moves into an old croft house, where he has to contend with the unwelcome attention of four local children and their curious cat. The old sailor's attempts to build a boat are initially frustrated by the youngsters, but the exuberant and joyful images signal a happy, if poignant, ending! The story of 'The Grumpy Old Sailor' has a strong Shetland flavour, while also maintaining a universal appeal. Local references will intrigue adults and children alike, and scenes from the sailor's travels introduce fascinating details from other lands. The lyrical prose and enchanting artwork create a delightful book which deserves to be a Shetland classic. View book review