The Ninian Plate

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"We call it the Ninian Plate … It is said to have miraculous properties. In its many voyages it has protected men in the boat in which it travelled … It gives protection from danger to any who carry it and through them, healing to others …” … The Vikings came shortly after Beltane. They came before dawn under cover of sea fog. They came swiftly and silently and with single-minded intent. No one saw them coming. “… Take this” he said. He tucked the community’s most prized possession in behind the baby. Better that the women should have its protection, even if those left behind were exposed to greater peril as a consequence … Book 2 “… I know it’s there. Try the loft or the boatshed. The design work will be readily recognised from the photos of the other Ninian’s Isle artefacts. Remember, we’re talking big money. Keep an eye out for Maunsie; he seems to have got wind of it – been asking leading questions …” From the day the Ninian Plate arrived in Shetland in 600AD it brought strange and terrible events into the lives of all who touched it. Where will it end and who will be the next to come under its influence? About the author: Alastair Christie-Johnston was born in Cullivoe, North Yell, and spent most of his adult life in Tasmania, Australia, where he wrote Nor Heard the Clock Strike and Mountain View. He returned to Shetland in 2009 where he and his wife completed Shetland Words - A dictionary of the Shetland dialect and wrote Sea View - a year of reflective glimpses into life in Shetland. He is also is a regular contributor to the local monthly magazine Shetland Life. Other titles from this author: Nor Heard the Clock Strike Shetland Words Sea View