The Storm Child

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1910, fourteen-year-old Nancy leaves school and goes ‘into service’ at the local manse where she soon becomes involved in the problems of the family there as well as those of her own family. After a time she finds herself at the centre of two romances; one is not of her making, and is not to her liking; the other seems ill-fated from the start. Nancy has to deal with the prejudices and inverted snobbery of the time, before, with spirit and humour, she can reach a happier future. Kari Williamson was born in West Sandwick, Yell, but has spent most of her life in North-a-Voe, Yell, except for the years 1941-47 which were spent in Lerwick where she attended the Central School. She has had articles and children’s stories published in various magazines and her illustrations have been used in national magazines, and by book publishers both in the UK and abroad. This is her second novel. Her first, Berries on the Heather, was published by The Shetland Times Ltd., in 2007.