The Swirling Tide

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Many people would love to move from the city and live a life close to nature in a remote, beautiful area. Josephine Newman did just that.

In the early 1980s, after many happy walking holidays in Western Scotland, Jo and her husband Pete accepted a job on a remote Highland stalking estate. They were to help manage eleven thousand acres of roadless wilderness, rebuild a derelict cottage as a comfortable home for themselves, and then renovate the old farmhouse.

In this adventurous story of her life at "Caolas" (gaelic for narrows), Jo recounts living by the shore of a remote sea loch, accessible only by boat across many rough miles of sea rom the nearest town. There was no electricity, phone or TV, water came straight off the hill, and the only source of heat was wood and peat.

Despite the harshness of life Jo's love of wild places and the stark beauty of her surroundings shines through as she tells of the many challenges they had to face, some hilarious; some tragic.

Josephine Newman


173 pages