The Wilderness Collection Vol. 1

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This is a collection of our tunes with my father’s tune added too. It is our wish that you will find something in this book that you enjoy and can use. To that ends please look on the bowing and chords merely as guides. The bowing is an indication of what I do. However, I found that I was apt to change my mind, in some cases from the first time I had looked at a tune to the next several weeks later, to possibly changing my approach on the repeat of the tune! Please feel free to interpret these tunes your own way. As to the chords! Again this was a matter of choice for the book. Anyone who has heard me play will know that I may not use the same sequence on the repeat of a tune. In this instance I have given you one possible way in the hope that you will experiment and find other smarter ways to chord these tunes. What is printed in the book is not what to expect from the CD. I hope the CD may help inspire you! After some debate, the chord symbols are placed with the bass suggestion in lower case to the upper left of the chord suggestion, which is in capitals. I have used the regular jazz symbols for chord additions. Margaret Scollay