Up-Helly-A' 2017 Souvenir Special

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A full colour photographic guide to Shetland’s dramatic fire festival: Up-Helly-A’. Images range from: Jarl preparing before meeting his squad Daytime events including galley procession through town plus school visits Evening torchlit procession Magnificent burning of the galley A trip around the halls to see the squads performing their acts and meeting other festival revellers Junior festival round up This is a must-have for anybody that has attended Up-Helly-A’, or anybody with a burning desire to come and witness this stunning festival of fire! Will also be on sale through local shops as listed : The Shetland Times Bookshop Conochies Sound Service Station D & G Leslie Alex Morrisons Clocktower Card Bolts Minimarket Lochside Stores Tesco Co-op Shetland Times Office Skipidock Sum Airport Blydoit Bressay Shop Mainland's Jim Taylors Scalloway Meat Co. J&K Anderson Sandwick Baking Company Robinson & Morrison Goudies Toab Shetland Museum Skellister Stores (Nesting) Blydoit, Scalloway Northlink Tagon Stores Tourist Office Teamore