Walking the Coastline of Shetland No.6 South Mainland

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The sixth in a series of ever popular guide books aimed at lovers of the great outdoors and walkers in particular. Compiled and written by Peter Guy. The South Mainland of Shetland contains a wonderful array of attractions ranging from world famous archaeological sites to major nature reserves set in magnificent scenery. The coastline of South Mainland and the islands of Burra, Trondra, South Havra, St Ninian, Fair Isle and Mousa also provide excellent walking and this book, illustrated throughout with route maps, photographs and diagrams, describes memorable walks around them all. The book is a mine of information about the history and folklore associated with the life of the crofting and fishing communities established here. Peter Guy lived in Shetland for nearly twenty years and maintains strong connections with the islands. This is the sixth title in the highly acclaimed Walking the Coastline series.